In their artistic collaboration Laura Kalauz (ARG) and Martin Schick (CH) investigate models of communication, the impact of conventions (artistic, administrative, politic etc.) within the theatrical milieu and visa versa. They work on scenic plays, researches, performative acts and Installations, raising questions about the limits and possibilities of performative space. Their last piece “title” was honoured with the ZKB patronage prize 2009 at Theaterspektakel Zürich. The piece CMMN SNS PRJCT premiered in march 2011, within the frame of the international festival “Freischwimmer” (Berlin/ Hamburg/ Wien/ Zürich/ Düsseldorf). Since then, they are on tour with it all over the world.

In ihrer künstlerischer Kollaboration seit 2009 erforschen Laura Kalauz (ARG) und Martin Schick (CH) Modelle der Kommunikation und die Bedeutung von Konventionen (artistischer, administrativer und politischer Art) innerhalb des Theaters. Sie entwickeln Bühnenstücke, Performative Aktionen, Installationen und Recherchen und stellen dabei Grenzen und Möglichkeiten des performativen Akts zur Diskussion. Am Theaterspektakel Zürich 2009 wurde ihr letztes Stück “Title” prämiert mit dem ZKB Förderpreis. Momentan sind Sie auf Tour mit ihrer neuen Produktion CMMN SNS PRJCT, die im März 2011 im Rahmen des internationalen Festivals “Freischwimmer” (Berlin/ Hamburg/ Wien/ Zürich/ Düsseldorf) Premiere feierte.



was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1975) where she studied dance and Sciences of Social Communication at the University of Buenos Aires. In 2003 graduated as Dance Maker at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten–Dansacademie Arnhem, Holland. Since then, lives in Zürich, where she works as independent choreographer. Her work poses questions on the routines and patterns of contemporary life. Her interest lies in revisiting the taken-for-granted assumptions that rule social behaviour and that shape our model of communication. She has collaborated with the artists Martin Schick, Krööt Juurak, Simone Aughterlony, Nicolas Galeazzi and Marina Belobrovaja. She has directed : “Multiverse” (2007), “Excuse me please could you choreograph me” (2007-10), “Do what you see/ See what you do” (2009) and “Title” (2009) & CMMN SNS PRJCT, the last 2 in coolaboration with Martin Schick. She is ongoingly working on “Fluchtpunkt/ Punto de fuga” a collaboration with prisioners of the penal Ezeiza (Buenos Aires, ARG) based on the intervention of public space. Her new theater project WILD THING, a mise en scène about domesticating theater  & politics of animality, will premiere in Zürich in november 2012. http://www.laurakalauz.net 



is a a freelance performer and choreographer from Switzerland, living in Berlin. He works on scenic plays, researches, performative acts and installations, investigating on human economies and the influence of socio-political movements to the art-environment and visa-versa. After visiting a private ballet-school he studied theatre at the University of Arts in Berne. After a short career as an actor for TV and cinema, he started to work for independent theatre and dance-productions. In collaboration with Laura Kalauz he realised “CMMN SNS PRJCT” (2011) and „Title“ (2009), that was honoured with the ZKB patronage prize 2009 at Theaterspektakel Zürich. In 2012 he realised a solo piece called NOT MY PIECE in the frame of the BBI, that is now presented at swiss contemporary dance days in february 2013. Then he premiered with INTERROBANG and “Sprachlabor Babylon” at Sophiensaele Berlin and he is currently working on 2 new projects: “internship” and “holiday on stage”, both will be presented in spring 2013. www.martinschick.com

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