concept und performance: Laura Kalauz, Martin Schick

artistic advice: Simone Aughterlony, Bo Wiget, Janez Jansa

co-production with Fabriktheater, Rote Fabrik Zürich

supported by Tanzhaus Wasserwerk Zürich

duration: 60 minutes


Within this performative research, we propose misunderstanding as a way of communication in itself. Let us agree on the fact that we do not understand each other!

We approach the phenomenon of misunderstanding as an opening for “unreasonable”
models of communication. We wonder how can misinterpretation be the source of creativity that expands the possibilities for what something can mean.

We create dispostives for irrational communication. Therefor we look at the pure act of creating meaning. In order to disorganize our mind and to open new space for the unconceivable thought, we disconnect the significance from the objects, from their function and from our experience with them. What is beyond one’s point of view?

We take as starting point a proposition from Ludwig Wittgenstein: “the limits of my words mean the limits of my world”. It was he who introduced the expression “language games”, which we take on as a performative challenge. “Title” is the result of this investigation and the consequences of those ideas in our body-mind expression.





For the award of the ZKB Patronage Prize and the ZKB Recognition Prize the festival board of the 30th edition of the Zürcher Theaterspektakel has appointed an international jury consisting of 5 experts from different continents and fields. The diversity of experience within the jury reflects the wide range of artistic approaches as well as of geographical and cultural backgrounds of the six productions nominated for the prize.

Explanatory Statement of the Jury : ZKB Patronage Prize 2009

The jury has decided to award this year’s patronage prize to the performance duo Laura Kalauz & Martin Schick and their piece „Title“. On the base of Wittgenstein’s famous thesis that „the limits of my language mean the limits of my world“, the Argentinian performer and the Swiss dancer amusingly and subtly explore the ways in which meaning can be produced in a creative act. In intricate „language games“, which include bodies, gestures and objects in addition to words, they expose words as agreed-on signs, annul established meanings and linger where misunderstandings become creative. They seduce, inspire and confuse one another – and the audience.

The piece, whose performance still bears the traces of a permanent work in progress, is organised as a series of games which the two performers engage in with relish and wit. This playground dramaturgy allows them to address abstract issues of language philosophy with great ease and to thereby dream the old dream of a language in which word and thing, signifier and signified, coincide without ambiguity. The fact that there is still a sense of work-in-progress about the performance lends it an improvisational directness and is neither detrimental to its precise structure nor to the performers’ acting and dance skills. With their stage presence Kalauz and Schick manage to lure the audience into reflexion on ever new intricate pathways and to increasingly win them over for their exploration in the course of the evening. The combination of complex conceputal content and simple formal means, of playful humour and rationalist abstract analysis has here worked out convincingly.


Mahmoud Aboudoma, Regisseur und Festivalleiter, Ägypten
Zuleikha Chaudhari, Regisseurin und Licht-Designerin, Indien
Enrique Diaz, Regisseur und Schauspieler, Brasilien
Klaus Hersche, Beauftragter Kulturstiftung TG und Theatermacher, Schweiz
Simone Anne von Büren, freie Autorin und Dramaturgie-Dozentin, Schweiz

'title'  von und mit Laura Kalauz & Martin Schick

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