“One of the festival’s highlights was a performance by the Zurich-based duo Schick/Kalauz. In their smart “CMMN SNS PRJCT,” they putpatterns of human communication to the test and investigated the gaps that are created through idiosyncratic relationships ofexchange. Watching the duo is a wonderfully bizarre experience; they use their brilliant wit to seduce the audience into thinking. It’s all you can expect in a great performance.” (Hamburger Abendblatt, 04. April 2011)

“Short, confident, charming, demostrably live, fun, funny, smart and generous.” (Postcards from the God)

“A brilliant work, which proves that todays political performance does not need a pointing finger.” (Der Standard)

“More radical than any reduction to physicality could be.” (Till Claassen)

“A lot of good ideas still do not make a good piece.” (NZZ)

“Everything that one expects from a great performance.” (Hamburger Abendblatt)

“Our obsessesions. Common sense is a basis we can all agree on and which connects us all. If you base your judgment on common sense, you don’t need to justify your decisions any longer. But common sense is also exclusive. If you don’t have it, you’re out. In their CMMN SNS PRJCT Laura Kalauz and Martin Schick welcome their audience almost naked, handing out small presents. Physical exposure and the generous transfer of goods are two channels of communication that seem to work everywhere. Together they form the starting point of a journey through social mechanisms that are hardly questioned at all as the basis of social action. Property and possession (strictly separate in legal terms) are thoroughly examined. […] By embracing the mechanisms of our media and consumer society and applying them consistently, Kalauz and Schick are more radical than any constraint on the body could be.”  (Till Claassen, Freischwimmer 2011)

« Cette performance mise sur un dialogue très naturel avec public. On commence par distribuer une série de cadeaux, puis on rentre doucement dans d’autres formes d’échanges : prêt d’argent, remboursement, prêt de vêtements (les costumes ne sont pas définis au début de la pièce) et on finit par, tous ensemble, se demander que faire avec une certaine somme d’argent. Par le biais de beaucoup d’humour et d’improvisation, cette performance arrive à introduire des réflexions théoriques, de philosophes et d’économistes parlant du monde globalisé. On entre de manière légère dans une vraie réflexion sur ce qu’est l’économie aujourd’hui et l’impact qu’elle a sur nos vies. »
par Sylvia Dubos 5 juin 2012 / strasbourg











Pressespiegel Freischwimmer KampnagelPressespiegel_Freischwimmer_2011_final


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